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Sara R.
We’ve worked with Margot on two transactions and she is the absolute best. She sold our SF place off market in days and she helped us win our Marin home (years later) efficiently and smoothly while connecting us with her also super solid partners to sell our Oakland home this July 2022. She is decisive when she needs to be – and hands off when she needs to be. We fully trusted her to have our needs in mi...

— Sara R.

Eric S.
Our buying agent was Margot L. who works with Gail–who’s like the queen bee of Cambridge real estate, and the seller’s agent was Robin. All were fantastic, courteous, professional, and connected to everything going on. Never did we feel pressured, pushed, misguided, tricked, or deceived. They even gently but assertively steered me away from a property I’d gotten obsessed with but was a huge financial ris...

— Eric S.

Tammy W.
I met Shirley for the first time while she was having an open house showing and I was immediately impressed. She knew everything about not just the unit, the building, but also the entire area and market. She was the most knowledgeable agent I had met when it was already 6 or 7 months into my house search. I decided to go with her and she was incredible to work with. She was communicative, quick to respo...

— Tammy W.

Jackie C.
The beau and I have met many real estate agents, the majority of which don’t even bat an eye / get out of their chairs as they happily look over the bowl of agents cards they’ve already received during their open house. This is what sets Shirley apart. We met her when she was showing a unit in the building we’ve been renting (which she sold for 30% over asking!) and were immediately drawn to her powerhou...

— Jackie C.

Ya M.
During the search, she found a lot of good options that were within my price range. She was never too pushy, and focused on helping me understand the market and find the best fit. After I made a selection, she was very helpful in the negotiations with the owners, helping me save a significant amount. She was also extremely responsive to any questions or hesitations I had. Shirley helped me find a good de...

— Ya M.

Jacklyn H.
I have worked with many real estate agents throughout the years and can confidently say that Shirley has been the best, by far! She will present you with the best and most recent real estate options available in the market, and will work with you throughout the whole process of acquiring or renting a piece of property in San Francisco. However, what truly makes her outstanding is the fact that she worked...

— Jacklyn H.


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